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Why Choose Ripple Ranch?

Ripple Ranch is a residential rehabilitation center offering holistic treatment for co-occurring substance abuse and mental health diagnoses such as, PTSD, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, etc. Clients often admit with the hopes of “getting a grip on the problem of addiction” and have been heavily unmotivated by any treatment received thus far. For many, it has been an unfortunate happenstance the focus has been on the addiction as the “problem” when, it is the maladaptive thinking patterns or mental health issues that prompt and feed the addiction.

Ripple Ranch provides a treatment perspective that is an alternative to 12 step programming. In fact, many clients come to us because they have been to 12 step programs (both professionally and community led) and have been unsuccessful in maintaining their sobriety.  We provide clients with an atmosphere to find their own path to recovery and offer smart recovery and refuge recovery education.  We do not negate the 12 steps, we simply provide an alternative for those who have not been successful or not felt comfortable with past experiences with 12 steps. If an individual decides they want to work the 12 steps while in treatment here, we support their decision and help them in this process.  

Treatment at Ripple Ranch is unique to each client served and their particular needs. We take a person-centered approach and begin developing a treatment plan and after-care plan immediately upon admission, so that clients have the most comprehensive continuing care plan upon discharge. Our goal is for the clients to leave our treatment center with a truly unique, sustainable, realistic plan to live life sober and happy. Our clients receive a great deal of individualized care. At a minimum, each client meets with a Masters level therapist at least once weekly for an individual session and once weekly for a family session; once weekly with case management to address after-care planning; once weekly with a medical doctor to address any medical concerns; once weekly with a Reiki Master. Clients may also meet once weekly with a psychiatrist to address any psychiatric issues, this is offered as needed. Our comprehensive, holistic approach touches our clients on every level of their being. We promote healing and provide coping skills physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, educationally, and relationally.

Ripple Ranch provides each client with the treatment approaches that is most appropriate for them. We believe our program must be balanced and structured, though recognize that treatment is most effective when we provide a unique, integrated treatment experience for each client based on their needs. We do not subscribe to the idea “one size fits all”. Some of the evidenced based, theoretical approaches used in both individual and group sessions include: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Cognitive Behavioral (CBT); Compassion Focused; Culturally Sensitive; Dialectical (DBT); Experiential Therapy; Family Systems; Motivational Interviewing; Person-Centered; Positive Psychology; Psychoanalytic; Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT); Reality Therapy; Solution Focused Brief (SFBT); Strength-Based; Structural Family Therapy and Trauma Informed Care.

At Ripple Ranch we teach the clients how to live life successfully and happily. We explore the underlying issues that originally led to addiction. We address those thinking patterns in the mind that make life unnecessarily difficult. Once we assist the clients to explore their underlying issues and work through them, practice healthier coping skills, and gain sobriety time under their belt, then they are able to sustain sobriety and live a more fulfilled, sober life.

Oftentimes treatment interventions from both professionals and non-professionals have been founded on principles like “Drinking is the problem, so stop drinking and you’ll be good to go,” or “If popping pills is the problem, stop popping them and your problems will go away.” Here the holistic, integrated and client centered approach received targets not simply the problematic behavior, but the emotions and thoughts fueling the behavior.

By looking “underneath the surface” of the addiction, one gathers insight into the “why’s” of the perpetuation of the addiction. A vast amount of attention and focus is on targeting the “beginnings” of the problem, by not simply asking “why the addiction?” but “why the hurt?” and “when did this behavior truly begin?”. Clients are encouraged to take an inventory of their entire lives, beginning not simply at the time they entered treatment, or even into their recent past, but into the history and lineage of their family culture, individual personalities, and various experiences sometimes stemming from early childhood.

Clients are encouraged to outline events from their history to better understand their current state, which after both learning and processing, can catapult them into a better future. Instead of taking the notion that one is “powerless” we believe that education and understanding breeds better choices, thereby allowing one to elicit power over their choices, both related to addiction and life in general.

Ripple Ranch exhausts its group resources within the clinical setting by conducting two distinct types of small groups: psychoeducation and processing. Clients receive education related to psychologically driven ideas and concepts including chemical dependency education, relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders and others. Here clients receive practical knowledge on the realities and facts of the “how” and “why” of chemical dependency and ways to remove some of that power through mindfulness training and cognitive restructuring and awareness. 

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